PHI Industrial Acquisitions (PHI) is a fund focused on the acquisition and active management of companies, which began its activity in 2006. PHI invest in companies to create value through growth and operational improvements, running them like autonomous entities.


Between 2013 and 2014, PHI acquired two bleach factories in Seville and Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona), thus creating La Antigua Lavandera. This company became the main bleach producer on the Iberian Peninsula.

In 2015, PHI negotiated with P&G for the acquisition of a detergent factory in Mataró (Barcelona). At the same time, PHI took over several P&G brands in different European countries. These brands were grouped together under the umbrella of BlueSun Consumer Brands.

Thus began the BlueSun Project, whose goal is to turn the brand into a benchmark for the European household cleaning market, thanks to the combined strength of BlueSun Consumer Brands and La Antigua Lavandera.


The Brand

BlueSun is the new global benchmark manufacturer of household cleaning products.

We are found in 26 countries with 12 brands, active in multiple categories (detergents, bleaches, air fresheners, fabric softeners, house cleaners…). We manufacture in our own 2 factories in Seville and Mataró (Barcelona), acquired from Procter & Gamble, Henkel and Dalli, all featuring the highest technology.

With 200 million euros in turnover and 500 employees we continue to expand thanks to an ambitious strategy for growth.

Experts in brands and products for household care

Strategic agreements with major brands

We are found in 26 countries

We make brands, not products